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“Must have add-on for HubSpot”

Clone Attack saves us time (manual data entry), headache, and is easy to use. Even though our Sales/AM teams may not be the most tech-savvy and are apprehensive when it comes to adopting new tools/add-ons/etc…they picked this up quickly and honestly can’t live w/o it!

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when we work together
we all grow
Whether you want to resell our apps and receive a commission or become an implementation partner and be referred new customers, we have the partner program for you.

Get Paid

Resellers and Affiliates

Receive 20% of software sales for any new customers you activate with hapily products.

This is automatic! If you're a hapily partner and a HubSpot portal you're active in signs up for any of our apps, we credit you with the deal: no lead registration, no promo codes, just cash. 


Get Customers

Implementations and Onboarding

We don't do services, but we hear you're pretty good at that. We refer you customers and pay you to onboard and set them up for success. 

how it works
Whenever a hapily app is installed into a customer portal, we check if a user with your domain exists as a user. If it does, we pay you 20% on it. If you're connected as a partner, we actively help you sell your services alongside our apps with solutions engineers to help you win more deals. We believe when you win, we win, and we are firmly partner first. 

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