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How to Filter HubSpot Tickets In the Customer Service Portal

So you’re using the Customer Service Portal to manage your support tickets in HubSpot. Wouldn’t do things any differently myself! But you’ve hit a snag:

Some of your customers have a LOT of tickets.

You can clean up some of the tickets customers no longer need to see using the ticket hiding feature (more details on this here). But they want a way to filter their tickets. Fortunately, the app comes bundled with a filter feature! Let's see how it works. 

How to filter HubSpot tickets in the Customer Service Portal by status

There are actually two different ways we can go about this. One using the app’s Simplified status feature and the other using your unique ticket statuses. We’ll start with simplified statuses.

For those out of the loop, Simplified status displays your ticket statuses to customers as either In Progress or Solved. It doesn’t show any of the unique status names you have in your HubSpot portal.

Sound good? Then just make sure that you have them turned on under General Portal Settings in your hapily portal.

How to filter ticket statuses in the customer portal in HubSpot

With that set up, your customers can click the filter button (set to All Statuses by default) and choose which ticket status they want to filter by! Easy right?

HubSpot How to filter tickets by status in the customer portal

But what if you want to show your unique status names and allow customers to filter by them instead? It works the same way! Just make sure the Simplified status is turned off.

That being said, there’s one more thing to note here. Without the use of simplified statuses, the filter feature filters by Pipeline as well as status.

Let’s say for example you have a pipeline called Pastry Pipeline and your customer chooses to filter tickets by its Baking stage. The portal will only display tickets in the “Pastry Pipeline” that are currently in the “Baking” stage.

HubSpot How customers can filter tickets in the customer portal 

If you decide to use complex statuses and have multiple pipelines, make sure your customers are familiar with them.

That’s all there is to it! Now if your customers ever have any confusion on how to filter their tickets, just send them this post. And if you want to see what else the app can do, check out this blog post on How to Add Your Personal Brand to the Customer Service Portal!