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Associ8 allows you to automate the association (or unassociation!) between records in your system using fixed values or dynamic tokens.

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“Everything we wanted”

Associ8 is working well for our needs. There are several workflows we assumed were feasible with out of the box HubSpot that just turned out were in fact not possible and Associ8 has helped us overcome those obstacles.

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why associ8?

workflow associations

native to HubSpot workflows

Leverage HubSpot's powerful automation tools to find records by matched fields and create associations. 

flexible associations

customize as needed

Associ8 supports both standard and flexible associations to allow admins to use it as a powerful platform tool to build complex automation. 

no code automation

just point and click

Associ8 is entirely code free. If you can select a field from a dropdown, you can start associating your records and automating your process. 
how it works

01. associ8 workflow

right where you left it

Associ8 lives right in the workflow tools you use every day. Simply add an Associ8 step to your workflow to get started.

02. select object

choose wisely

Pick which object you'd like to associate with the object that triggered this workflow. Both same and different object associations are supported.

03. select property

the goal

You'll now select a property on your selected Associated Object Type to use for finding select objects with which to associate.

04. enter search value

the matchmaker

Here you can choose a hardcoded value or a dynamic value from the source object to use in your search to find matches.

05. add association label

yes we give labels

With the newly available Flexible Associations, you can add a pre-existing label to the newly created associations. Standard objects only.
forever free

free /



what's included

standard objects

association labeling for standard objects

50 associations per month

for early-stage startups

$99 /



what's included

standard & custom objects

association labeling for standard & custom objects

5,000 associations per month

GREAT tool and addition to HubSpot! "Associ8 association labels allow us to determine which contact on a deal record we communicate to and how we communicate to them through the finance application process. This has been a critical tool to allow us to achieve different types of communications to different contact records on the same deal. Without Associ8, the HubSpot suite would not have been suitable for our business."
Could not do without Associ8, plus excellent support!
"Before finding Asssoi8 I thought it would be difficult to get the full value of custom objects that I had built. Associ8 was exactly what I was looking for to be able to associate contacts that sign up via a form to event or project customer objects. There are some other use cases as well that they are looking to build out as well which will make this truly awesome! They have certainly made my life easier and ensure I and the company get the most value out of HubSpot."
Simple, Effective, and Much Needed
"Associ8 does exactly what it says it does. Being able to associate records in a workflow is a much-needed feature where HubSpot is lacking. They even included association labels as part of the feature which is incredibly helpful. Our business relies on this product to function correctly. There is also no risk at all to trying out this product on the free plan. Prices are reasonable otherwise. Had 1 issue while using this, but contacted support and they were able to hop on a call with me to troubleshoot. Great service!"
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