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Join our Team

Venture into a world of innovation with hapily! We’re not just your average HubSpot app studio, we're a powerhouse team spawned out of a HubSpot Elite partner and fueled by the backing of HubSpot Ventures. Here at hapily, we're on a mission to do more than just enhance HubSpot CRM capabilities — we're sparking a RevOps revolution, and having fun while we're doing it.

Our suite of groundbreaking apps — including saas•hapily, event•hapily, and Associ8 — go beyond fostering ecosystem growth, they're developed to propel businesses to new heights.

We're not just shaking things up; we're sending them soaring 🚀

So, why hapily? Because we're where enthusiasm meets expertise, and each day is an opportunity to innovate and drive success. If you're passionate about transforming the CRM landscape, this is your golden ticket to dive headfirst into it.

Let's not just dream big; let's build amazing apps together!

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No current open roles.