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Duplicate and dominate

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Copy Contacts, Tickets, Deals, and Custom Objects a few clicks or even automatically in HubSpot. Duplicate Deals for renewals, clone Contacts for sales prospecting, and even dynamically adjust dates or set default properties on your clones.

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“Must have add-on for HubSpot”

Clone Attack saves us time (manual data entry), headache, and is easy to use. Even though our Sales/AM teams may not be the most tech-savvy and are apprehensive when it comes to adopting new tools/add-ons/etc…they picked this up quickly and honestly can’t live w/o it!

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why clone attack?

duplicate on demand

for the clicky type

Directly in the CRM sidebar of Contacts, Tickets, Deals, and Custom Objects, you can make a clone and choose the associations to bring with.

duplicate via workflows

smarter not harder

Clone Attack's workflow action puts cloning on speed dial. Trigger a duplicate when a Deal is marked Closed Won. Clone a Ticket when it is escalated.

auto-update values

even less work to do

Now you can update properties, set them to blank, or even skip copying them over entirely. Push out closing dates, increment, and more. It's fun.
how it works

01. target

pick an object

Clone Attack works on Contacts, Tickets, Deals, and Custom objects. Manually clone in the CRM Card, Workflow Actions are in....the Workflows you silly goose.

02. clone

no laboratory needed

See that Duplicate button? Click it! You then can choose which Pipeline and Stage to move a Deal into or even choose which Associations to bring. Yes it copies line items too.

03. repeat

dupes for days

Looking for more steps? Try the back porch. This is as easy as it gets. Duplicate again with another click or make X number of copies. Don't forget to tip your admin.
for small businesses

$0 /



what's included

10 Clones/month
Clone Standard Objects

for large companies

$60 /



what's included

250 Clones/Month
Clone Standard Objects
Clone via Workflow Action

Solves All Our Deal Duplication Problems We were able to duplicate deals with the native HubSpot features but were missing huge chunks of data since notes could not be duplicated. Clone Attack allows us to duplicate deals via workflows and we no longer miss this important data!!
reduces friction, reduces errors We use ticket pipelines to manage 3PL warehouse orders for our customers. The process is manual with lots of steps to also tie in LTL trucking. Clone attack ensures we can replicate tickets and make minor changes as needed...saving time, reducing errors, and helping us scale and track progress efficiently.
The one thing we needed! We frequently duplicate deals for recurring monthly revenue. Having to copy every field over to make a copy is labor intensive and opens us up for even more errors. Clone Attack does it quickly and everyone on the team couldn't be more pleased with the improved workflow.

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