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3 Reasons You Need Associ8’s Label Peeler

Association labels give you a little more bang for your buck when making associations in HubSpot. But, every now and then you’ve got to remove some of them.

Whether it’s because they’re outdated, irrelevant, or no longer needed, they’ve just got to go sometimes! And with Associ8’s new Label Peeler, you can automate the removal process so that there's no extra work on your plate.

If you use association labels in HubSpot, here are 3 reasons you need Associ8’s label peeler.

1. Power Wash Your Associations

So, let’s say your company uses HubSpot but their association labels are an absolute mess. So messy that the slate needs to be wiped clean. And what luck (insert sarcasm) ... Removing every single one of those labels has become your job. And a tedious job it will be.

Unless of course you use the label peeler. You can bulk enroll the incorrect records and have the app remove all labels indiscriminately. A long and boring process taken care of with the snap of your fingers!

Don’t want all enrolled records to have their labels removed? No problem! You can set up the app to be a bit more choosy about which records it removes labels from.

HubSpot how to automatically remove association labels

2. Update Contact Roles at a Company

Perhaps your team needs to know who does what at a given company, so you used association labels to mark a contact’s job at their company. Great! 

But what happens if the contact changes departments or leaves the company outright? Now you’ve got inaccurate information in your CRM which can lead to emails being sent to inactive or incorrect email addresses.

With the label peeler, you can remove those labels when a contact changes roles or leaves a company. And since it’s a part of Associ8, you can have the app “re-associate” the contact to the company with an updated role label. Two birds with one workflow!

How to automatically remove association labels in HubSpot

3. Update the Primary Deal for a Contact

The great thing about happy customers is that they often buy more of your products later on. With more buying comes more specialized deals. 

But there’s this pesky Current Deal label your company has on deal to contact associations. When an old deal is closed and a new deal is created, you have to manually remove the label from one and apply it to the other. Not good for you!

Much like the previous segment, Associ8 can solve this with a one-two punch. Use the label peeler to remove Current Deal from outdated deals and Associ8 to add it to new deals!


These are just a few of the reasons you need more of Associ8’s Label Peeler in your life. What are some of your use cases?

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