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Days Until and Days Between

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Tick Tock Today writes and continually updates a today's date property on any standard or custom object. Easily use it to calculate days since an action, days between, and anything else where today matters.

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“Just simple”

I had workflows, I had custom coded actions, now I just have Tick Tock Today. It does what it says, and was absolutely free for my use case.

why tick tock today?

leverage time between

Find time between today and a date in the future or past. Great for workflows and automations!

awesome calculations

Calculations galore! Find out a contact's age and keep it updated automatically. Calculate days from now until the renewal date. 

add to any object

Put today's date on any of your standard or custom objects. We don't discriminate, we calculate that date!
how it works

01. pick objects

standard or custom

In your hapily portal, select which objects you'd like to populate with today's date.

02. wait

that silly virtue

Around midnight in your local time, we'll start updating all of the objects with the correct date. It may take a while if you have a lot of objects!

03. calculate

seize the day

With all of the today properties updated, your calculations, workflows, sequences, and reports will be updated and triggered! Guess what, tomorrow's a new day and it will all happen again.
forever free

basic /



what's included

update 1 standard or custom object

up to 1m objects total

A no-brainer for every portal It's exactly what you would expect. Install it and now you have today's date available on any and all of your core objects in HubSpot. Saving the need for complex workflow loops or needing to have some of our SME clients upgrade to Ops Hub, it's a great alternative that just works. This will be a staple for all of our customers moving forward!
Download it [Today]! Tick Tock is simple but mighty. Having the power to have a field with today's date (on the actual HubSpot record) at any and all times is a game changer in HubSpot. We're using this for Time Between calculation properties & newsletter merge fields.
A brilliant and really useful app This has been an absolute game changer to our needs. Being able to use a calculated property to work out the age of someone from their date of birth with this has meant a really clean record of data. It works instantly and is really easy to install. It allows for use across multiple different objects and means that the days of using workflows and odd calculations are no longer needed. Simply by installing this it does what it says, it date stamps the record daily and you can then build calculated properties from this for time between. How brilliant! :) I've been waiting for this and will make everyone's lives so much easier. Definitely, the app to have!

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